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Medical Coolers Refrigeration Units 

Medical logistics are complicated by the fact that many medicines and vaccines require temperature-controlled transportation from factory to patient. Conventional refrigerated trucks maintain supplies in the desired temperature envelope during long-distance transit, but they cannot maintain optimal conditions once the cargo is unloaded. Therefore, they provide a partial but not complete solution to these challenges.


Portable medical refrigeration units complete the cold chain. They enable practitioners to maintain temperature control in the clinic and the field, even after temperature-controlled unloading.

Our Medical Cooler Collection

360° Medical offers a range of coolers for various purposes. Each compact medical refrigerator has a specific niche, depending on your requirements.


12L / .42 Cu.Ft. Transport Cooler

The 12L Chilly Moose Rotomolded Cooler was initially engineered for food and beverage transport. However, the model is also suitable for transporting sensitive pharmaceuticals and medical materials. It is a low-cost, flexible solution to all cold chain vaccine transportation issues, utilizing unique technology to keep internal temperatures consistent and avoid spoilage.


Features include a heavy-duty shoulder strap for rapid transportation, 30mm pressure-injected insulated walls for ice retention, and a keep-dry exterior that won’t attract annoying condensation. It is one of the top portable freezers in Canada.


25L / .88 Cu.Ft. Transport Cooler

The 25L Chilly Moose transport cooler is a rectangular and larger version of the

12L / .42 Cu.Ft. Transport Cooler. It comes with double the capacity and is designed for vaccine transportation to the field. Thick 40mm pressure-injected insulated walls maximize ice retention and avoid spoilage.


The unit offers many features designed to improve performance, practicality, and convenience. These include a stay-dry, low-condensation exterior, a quick drain release valve, a heavy-duty stainless steel handle, and exterior construction that prevents wildlife infiltration. The rotomolded outer material is also virtually indestructible, ideal for high-intensity field applications.


35L / 1.2 Cu.Ft Transport Cooler / Vaccine Carrier

Those looking for something a little larger will want to check out the 35L / 1.2 Cu. Ft Transport Cooler / Vaccine Carrier, available in both limestone and granite color options.


As with the smaller coolers, this unit comes with ultra-durable GraniteTough technology, making it virtually indestructible. It also features two small castors attached to the base, allowing practitioners to transport medical supplies over smooth and rugged terrain. Additional product features include:

  • Cup holders built into the lid
  • An anti-condensation outer layer
  • Built-in bottle openers
  • An interlock lid that keeps heat out when opened


55L / 1.94 cu.ft. Transport Coolers

This large-capacity transport cooler provides more than 55L of interior volume for sensitive pharmaceuticals, such as vaccines. It features pressure-injected walls for superior ice retention, a form-fitted interlock lid for keeping the heat out, and anti-condensation walls.


Due to its size, the 55L / 1.94 cu. ft. Transport Cooler features two durable rope-style handles, allowing two practitioners to carry it to the desired location.


Pharmacold 35L Portable Fridge-Freezer

The Pharmacold 35L Portable Fridge-Freezer uses active refrigeration technology to keep medical supplies cool. The battery comes with three layers of protection, boosting power availability to prevent power outages and downtime.


The unit is ideal for practitioners who need to keep supplies cool in the field for hours or days. The in-build battery provides up to 8-hours of operation. Each unit comes with a 12/24V DC vehicle outlet adapter and a 110-240V AC home outlet adapter, allowing rapid recharging whenever electricity becomes available.


Pharmacold equips its portable fridge-freezer with two wheels and a handle at the front for easier transportation. Onboard medical temperature monitoring systems alert you whenever temperatures rise above the optimal level.


55L Portable Fridge-Freezer by Chilly Moose

Chilly Moose’s 55L portable fridge-freezer cooler was originally intended to keep food fresh for hours or days. However, it is also becoming more popular as a portable refrigerator for medical supplies, thanks to the field-friendly features it offers.


For instance, the unit can achieve temperatures ranging from 10° C to -18°C. It also comes with a clearly-lit LCD screen that provides constant temperature information and allows you to adjust settings on the fly. You can change the temperature setpoint of the unit in one-degree implements, letting you follow manufacturer cold chain instructions to the letter. The Chilly Moose’s 55L portable fridge-freezer cooler offers enough space for 60 12-ounce cans, 36 18-ounce bottles, and 18 25-ounce wine bottles.


35L Portable Fridge-Freezer by Chilly Moose

The slightly smaller 35L Portable Fridge-Freezer by Chilly Moose is another popular option for keeping medical supplies chilled. Its temperature range runs from 10° C to -18°C – a suitable envelope for most medical supplies. It’s also compatible with several power sources, including solar panels, making it ideal for field operations in developing countries, far from conventional electrical outlets.


Haier Cold Chain Transport Cooler

Those looking for a lightweight cold chain transport cooler will want to check out Haier’s offering. It comes in both 12L and 36L capacities and offers two wall thicknesses – 25mm and 50mm – depending on operating conditions. The kit includes six custom ice packs, a velcro closure, and dynamic temperature control to accommodate changing temperature environments.

Get Your Portable Medical Cooler Today

Portable coolers that keep medications and pharmaceuticals chilled are highly desirable medical appliances in today’s market, particularly in an age where vaccines are becoming a critical driver of public health. Medical coolers allow you to maintain the cold chain from the factory gate to the patient in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible without these systems. Their small size and portability mean that practitioners can use portable coolers to reach a larger number of people with viable drugs. Clinics no longer have to make a trade-off between drug dissemination and performance.


We price our medical coolers and refrigeration units competitively. The models we stock are designed to withstand intense physical abuse, making them inherently practical for high-intensity medical applications. Get yours today and see how much of a difference it could make to your operations.



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