Portable Vaccine Refrigerator

10 products

10 products

If you need to transport medicines that require refrigeration, get in touch with 360 Medical. We offer portable vaccine refrigerators that’ll safeguard your medicine no matter the destination. 

Our product is made to keep your medicines and vaccines that are temperature-sensitive at the right temperature while you transport them to an off-site vaccination clinic. Our portable clinical vaccine refrigerator adheres to the current guidelines for vaccine storage safety. Choose from a wide range of portable vaccine fridge freezers with various temperature control settings and get a free min/max thermometer with your purchase.

Battery-Operated Vaccine Fridge: Your Solution to Medicine Cold Storage

A portable vaccine refrigerator is frequently referred to as a mobile electric cooler, similar to the electric coolers used for camping or tailgating. However, unlike those for personal use, medical-grade portable refrigeration reaches and maintains temperatures approved for standard portable laboratory vaccine fridges (2°C to 8 °C), ensuring that vaccines remain at the appropriate temperature until they are distributed.

In addition, they produce more temperature stability because they are not easily affected by external temperatures. They use a cycle operation, which means that they turn on and off as needed, to maintain a cool interior.

A lightweight portable vaccine storage refrigerator comes with a handle, making it easy to move vaccines or samples around. Due to their compact design, these units can be carried by hand or stored on a countertop. In addition to their durable exterior, they have optional wheels and battery backup systems features for mobile vaccines and pharmaceutical refrigeration. 

Mobile Vaccine Fridge: Designed for Convenience

One of the most common problems experienced by healthcare providers is transporting COVID-19 vaccines at a temperature of -70° Celsius. The handheld vaccine refrigerator

makes it possible to transport vaccines at extremely low temperatures in the most convenient way.

When they are not stored within the recommended temperature range, it causes the vaccines to lose their potency fast, which means they will no longer deliver the desired immune response. Inappropriate storage and transportation of vaccines can lead to waste and unnecessary costs. 

Proper vaccine storage tips:

  • Vaccines should be kept in a validated compact vaccine fridge. Never use a regular household fridge to store vaccines.
  • Avoid storing food and clinical specimens with the vaccines.
  • Keep the vaccine fridge secure and its temperature between 2° to 8° C. Only authorized practice staff should be able to access it. Make sure to lock it or keep it in a safe, locked place. 
  • To prevent accidental interruption of the power supply, install a switchless socket or place a cautionary notice, such as "Do not unplug or switch off."
  • Use a large enough fridge to ensure enough airflow around the vaccine packages.
  • Keep vaccines in their original packaging.

360 Medical offers comprehensive options for the secure cold storage of medical vaccines, suitable for both small and large medical clinics. Our website features our top-of-the-line small portable vaccine fridge which is ideal for vaccines, medical supplies, blood samples, and other items. 

Contact us right away at 1-800-209-2082 if you have any questions or want to place an order. Allow our professionals to assist you in selecting the best portable medical refrigerator for vaccines for your requirements.