NEWS RELEASE-Canadian Cooler Company Offers Vaccine Storage and Transport Solution

Canadian Cooler Company Offers Vaccine Storage and Transport Solution

TORONTO, ON- Chilly Moose Ltd. is a family owned and operated small business located in Schomberg, ON. They are dedicated to providing high-performance coolers and drinkware to Canadians. They now offer a solution for vaccine and medical sample transportation during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.

Partnering with 360 Medical Inc.- a Canadian pharmaceutical and medical fridge and freezer supplier- these portable fridge-freezers, were originally developed for the storage and transportation of perishable food items without the use of ice. They now offer a new and reliable solution to safely transport and store sensitive pharmaceutical and medical material. Assisting in a cold chain vaccine transportation system, the Chilly Moose Portable Fridge-Freezers will keep the desired material at a reliable consistent temperature, to prevent the risk of spoilage during transport and short-term storage.

Medical equipment is becoming more essential than ever. With supplies running low innovative solutions are needed. By using everyday products that are more readily available to the public and private sector it’s possible to prevent the expiration of life-saving medicine and supplies. Most medical and pharmaceutical material- such as vaccines- can only be unrefrigerated for a maximum of two hours in an emergency situation. When a vaccine is found for the current Novel Covid-19 Virus, it will need to be manufactured and distributed quickly all over Canada and the world. And with the current and future medical equipment shortages, the solution lies with small Canadian companies like Chilly Moose Ltd.

The Chilly Moose Portable Fridge-Freezers are available in multiple sizes to accommodate any medical or pharmaceutical transport or storage needs. Due to a wide variety of specific needs they have a temperature range of between 10 degrees Celsius and -18 degrees Celsius. Quick cooling can bring the internal temperature of each unit from 32 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius in only 30 minutes.

As the pandemic progresses, our lives will change every day. Borders are closing and access to foreign products is becoming more difficult. We can take comfort in knowing that we can rely on Canadian companies like 360 Medical Inc. and Chilly Moose Ltd. to supply Canadians with the products needed to keep us safe. 


About 360 Medical Inc.

360 Medical Inc. is a Canadian distributor of medical refrigerators, freezers and temperature monitoring equipment. Our head office is located a short distance outside of Toronto in Schomberg, Ontario.

About Chilly Moose Ltd.

Chilly Moose is a Canadian family owned and operated outdoor lifestyle company located in Schomberg, ON. They are dedicated to supplying the highest quality of Drinkware, coolers, and outdoor lifestyle acessories. For more information on Chilly Moose Ltd. and their products please visit




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