Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Temperature Monitoring Solutions

The medical, pharmaceutical and laboratory sectors rely on clear, reliable, consistent data recording and logging. Maintaining proper data logs are essential for all avenues of these industries – from the large research laboratory storing vital specimens to the small community clinic running vaccine programs – each need to obtain and show consistent data recording in order to continue their important work.

360 Medical Inc. offers a variety of data logging and monitoring systems to suit every clinic or lab environment.



This is a small, hand-held portable USB device that can measure both cold storage and ambient temperature. The information is easily uploaded on to any PC using the accompanying software. The USBs are compact and often come equipped with a digital display and min/max alarm feature.



Many medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers already come with a built-in monitoring system. The unit itself logs the required data on an internal computer. The user plugs in an accompanying USB into the unit to retrieve the data as required.



These specialized systems provide automated, continuous monitoring to a limitless number of applications in a wide range of industries. Wireless systems offer the ability to remotely monitor and log all data from any device. The information is stored and organized on an online dashboard, which is also accessed remotely. Wireless/remote monitoring is quickly becoming the industry standard for its easy installation and user-friendly platforms.

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