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      22 products

      22 products

      360 Medical produces medical freezers in Canada with superior temperature uniformity and reliability for the safe storage of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, critical samples, and reagents. 

      Biomedical samples and vaccines can be safely stored in medical-grade freezers at stable temperatures. The cutting-edge technology and high-quality engineering of our laboratory freezers in Canada enable them to provide superior temperature uniformity and are highly dependable. To ensure the safe storage of frozen vaccines, each freezer below is constructed to meet the temperature and storage requirements. 

      How a Medical Refrigerator in Canada Is Different from a Regular Refrigerator

      The medical refrigerators at 360 Medical have various features; they are:


      Unlike regular refrigerators, medical refrigerators are self-contained freezers or refrigerator units designed specifically for the purpose of safely storing biological materials. Since they are not designed for food or personal storage, clinical freezers in Canada are not frequently opened throughout the day. 


      Medical-grade freezers come with a microprocessor-based system designed to provide accurate temperatures. The interior temperature is tracked by digital sensors like thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), and thermistors. In addition, the units have fast temperature recovery mechanisms that respond to temperature readings that are outside of range.


      Our top-of-the-line healthcare freezers are widely utilized not only in pharmaceutical units, research labs, hospitals, doctor's offices, blood banks, material testing, and diagnosis units but also in cannabis production facilities and even in beauty spas.

      Benefits of Medical-Grade Freezers

    • Reliable Cold-Chain for Biologics

    • A cold chain supply system requires temperature-controlled storage facilities and distribution channels to fully safeguard biological materials, such as blood transfusions and vaccines, by ensuring a consistent cold chain. Properly controlling inventories and educating staff on the proper handling of biologics are among the most effective steps to secure the cold chain.

    • Accurate Temperature Monitoring and Alarm Systems

    • A vaccine temperature reading that exceeds the manufacturer's approved ranges is considered an excursion. Variations in temperature can harm biological materials and render vaccines ineffective. TMDs—Temperature Monitoring Devices—equipped with digital data loggers (DDL) for monitoring vaccination temperatures.

    • Better Air Flow

    • Medical-grade appliances, such as our hospital freezers in Canada, have better ventilation. Strong, fan-forced air flow systems with air-cooling vents are utilized in laboratory refrigerators and freezers. To promote adequate air circulation, avoid overfilling your refrigerated unit.

    • Security: Prevention of Illegal Access 

    • In some cases, laboratory staff will use household refrigerators for personal reasons. Due to the absence of an effective temperature recovery system in these regular cooling appliances, vaccines and other biologics can lose their effectiveness. Medical refrigerators come with digital locks that restrict unauthorized personnel access.

    • Protection From Temperature Excursions Due to Power Failures

    • Even when providers use the appropriate equipment and consistent temperature monitoring practices, power failures can damage the vaccine supply. It is essential for medical and healthcare facilities to have on-site generators to ensure the safety of biological materials during power outages. 

      Your medical refrigerators or freezers can safeguard your product in the event that your healthcare facility does not have a generator. Battery backups help avoid temperature excursions. Due to their backup battery power sources, medical refrigerators and freezers offer an additional advantage over generators. To maintain the internal temperature, keep the appliance's doors closed during a power outage. In case the primary battery backup system fails, your establishment should also have a second one.

      Source Medical Freezers in Canada From 360 Medical

      As a small family-run business, we strive to provide premium medical freezers in Canada from the Higher and Pharmacold product lines that come with a mid-max thermometer. With our quick shipping times, we are able to quickly meet supply and demand. 

      For inquiries, please contact us at 1-800-209-2082. See our online catalogues for our most popular sizes and styles in stock.