Medical & Laboratory Refrigerator for Vaccines

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2 products

Industry Leading Warranty

5-Year Compressor Warranty

1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

1-Year Unit Replacement *

*Our no-lemon guarantee will give you peace of mind.  In the event of a refrigerant leak or compressor failure in the first year, we will replace the entire unit at no cost to you.

Vaccine Refrigerators and Freezers You Can Trust

Whether you are a small doctor's office or a large clinic, 360 Medical has the complete solution you need to become compliant with your vaccine storage.

360 Medical offers medical refrigerators for vaccines designed specifically to meet the demanding temperature requirements for safe vaccine storage. These fridges can sustain temperature ranges from 2°C to 8°C — ideal for applications in hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories.

Our vaccine storage refrigerators, in conjunction with our traceable min/max alarm thermometers, will provide you with the solution you need to meet Health Canada, CDC, VFC (Vaccines for Children) and local health authority vaccine storage requirements. We also offer temperature monitoring options which include data loggers and 7-day chart recorders. 

For any inquiries regarding unit specifications and lab refrigerator price, contact us today.

Why Choose Our Vaccine Refrigerators

Public Health and Safety

Laboratory refrigerators specifically for vaccines play a crucial role in safeguarding vaccine quality and protecting the public from vaccine-preventable diseases. Vaccines must be stored properly from the time they are manufactured to the time they are administered. Otherwise, they may lose their potency and become ineffective. It is a must for medical and healthcare facilities to be equipped with specialized refrigerators for vaccine storage purposes.

Compliance With Heath Authority Regulations

Because the integrity of vaccines is vital, public health authorities, from Health Canada to the CDC, have stringent requirements for vaccine storage and handling practices. These include temperature monitoring. Medical and healthcare facilities can take advantage of 360 Medical’s vaccine fridges for storage to comply with the strictest public health guidelines.

Niche Selections

360 Medical offers a more limited product line compared to other distributors. Our freezers and fridges for vaccine storage are from the Higher and Pharmacold product lines, which are specifically designed for medical applications. They are fully equipped with temperature trackers and controllers for compliance with best storage practices.

Affordable Lab Refrigerator Price

When you purchase a vaccine refrigerator from us, you can rest assured that you’re purchasing the highest quality units for the fairest price possible.

Vaccine refrigerator prices can be a little steep. However, for medical facilities that store thousands of dollars worth of medications, it is an invaluable investment. You’re not only paying for a fridge —- you’re paying for peace of mind!

Get an affordable fridge that meets your requirements at 360 Medical.

Free External Min/Max Thermometers

For easy temperature measuring and monitoring, we provide free external min/max thermometers with your purchase of a vaccination storage refrigerator.

Quick Turnaround Time

Get your medical and laboratory refrigerator quickly with our prompt shipping times.

In-House Technicians

We have in-house service technicians at your disposal at no additional cost. In the event that something goes wrong, you can reach out to us directly for services and repairs. 

Medical (Vaccine) Refrigerators vs. Regular Refrigerators

Compared to a regular refrigerator, medical refrigerators for vaccines have:

Temperature Accuracy

Refrigerators for vaccine storage are specially calibrated to public health authority standards. They are equipped with min/max thermometers to monitor temperatures so they can be easily calibrated should temperatures shift and become unsuitable.

Temperature Stability

Medical refrigerators are able to maintain a temperature of 4°C much better and with less extreme peaks and troughs than household or commercial refrigerators. 

Temperature Uniformity

Regular refrigerators have poor air circulation and cannot maintain uniform temperatures. A vaccine storage refrigerator, however, typically has perforated shelves and extra fans that allow for better air distribution. This ultimately leads to temperature uniformity throughout the unit.

Call 360 Medical for a Trusted Vaccine Storage Fridge

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