Scratch and Dent - Haier - DW-86L100J

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Energy Efficient, Safe and Reliable ULT Storage for vaccines and medical samples. 

Suitable for clinical, medical, scientific research, quarantine and other departments to store items under low temperature conditions. 

Applicable for universities, hospitals, disease prevention and control center's, blood stations, scientific research institutes, electronics and chemical enterprise laboratories and biomedical engineering research institutes.

For storage of biological products and biological samples such as red and white blood cells, viruses, bone and bacteria. Also used for electronic devices and other materials used for cryogenic testing.

We are estimating (not confirmed) that this model can store approximate 20,000 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Clearance units include a 60 day limited parts warranty.


Product Parameters

Cabinet Type Upright
Climate Class N
Cooling Type Air cooling
Defrost Mode Manual
Refrigerant HC
Temperature Range(℃) -40~-86℃
Capacity(L/Cu.Ft) 100L
Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)(mm) 770×660×810

Exterior Dimension(W*D*H)(in)



Specification Sheet:

Haier DW-86L100J Specification Sheet

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