PharmaCold Traceable Glycol Min Max Thermometer with Alarm S-80

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Our Traceable thermometer displays the current and high/low interior temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as the room temperature. The sensor is enclosed in bottle to protect it from rapid temperature changes that occur when the door is opened. This thermometer is powered by an AAA battery and includes a visual low battery alert.

Our temperature buffered sensor enclosed in a bottle of glycol solution ensures accurate measurement that are not impacted by rapid temperature fluctuations caused by frequent refrigerator door openings.  The glycol solutions is a non toxic product that is safe to use in any enviroment and mimics temperatures readings in a medium similar to common fluids stored in food and laboratory refrigerators and cold display cases

This stainless steel thermometer can monitor both the room and fridge temperature at the same time. With large clear display can be attached to the outside of the fridge by the magnet on the back of the unit. The display can be switched between room temperature and the external sensor temperature (fridge temperature) by the push of a button.

This unit comes complete with a Traceable certificate.


Termperature range : -50 to 70 Celcius

Min/Max temperature recording

Accuracy : =/- 1 Celcius

Display resolution :  0.1

Power Supply : 1.5 volt AAA battery

Sampling period : 30 seconds

Size : 71.5x65x21mm

Net weight : 100 grams



Specification Sheet:

PharmaCold S-80 Specification Sheet


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