Haier Cold Chain Transport Cooler

Haier Cold Chain Transport Cooler

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Wall Thickness


Haier's cold chain transportation cooler is light weight and easy to carry making it the leading choice for transportation of vaccines or temperature sensitive materials.


    • Superior temperature control that can handle everchanging transportation environments 
    • Light weight and easy to transport
    • Includes 6 custom ice packs
    • Velcro closure with locking mechanism
      *Lock not included. 

    Note: The safety margin is the minimum amount of dry ice required to keep the temperature in the box no higher than -70°C.

     PRODUCT BW25-12A BW50-12A BW25-36A
    INNER DIMENSION (MM) 270 x 270 x 270 270 x 270 x 270 370 x 370 x 370
    WALL THICKNESS (MM) 26 52 26
    WEIGHT (KG) 5 10 8
    DRY ICE CONSUMPTION (KG) 1.7 0.8 2.7
    DRY ICE INPUT(KG) 4.08 4.08 18.6
    COOLING TIME (H) 43h 92h 145h


    All warranties are effective from the date the unit is received.

    • 1 Year Parts
    • 1 Year Labour
    • 1-Year compressor warranty

    * Conditions Apply

    360 Medical will have a medical refrigerator to best suit your needs whether you are a Pharmacy, Hospital, Medical Clinic, Doctor's Office, Laboratory, or Health Spa for all of your temperature-sensitive products. For storage such as vaccines, medications, specimens, and reagents.

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