Chilly Moose Wheeled 35L Portable Fridge-Freezer - Battery Included - LG Compressor

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Industry Leading Warranty
  • 2-Year Compressor Warranty

  • 1-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Unit Replacement *
  • *Our no-lemon guarantee will give you peace of mind.  In the event of a refrigerant leak or compressor failure in the first year, we will replace the entire unit at no cost to you

Features: Introducing our versatile portable fridge/freezer

Experience the convenience of our advanced portable dual zone fridge/freezer, designed to meet all your storage needs while on the move. This innovative device comes with a dual-zone feature, providing both a cooler area and a frozen area, allowing you to store a variety of foods separately. Controlling the temperature is a breeze with the intuitive touch screen, displaying current cooler and freezer temperatures, which are fully adjustable. Alternatively, you can manage the temperature using the mobile app for added flexibility, enabling independent control of both zones.

Rapid Cooling Capability:

Equipped with state-of-the-art compressor refrigeration technology, our portable fridge/freezer can achieve swift cooling from 68℉/20℃ to -4 ℉/0℃ in just 15 minutes, ensuring your food remains fresh throughout your journey. Choose between two modes: ECO mode for energy-saving efficiency and MAX mode for faster cooling, catering to your specific needs.

Designed for Convenience:

With your ease in mind, our portable fridge/freezer features a smooth roller and telescopic rod, making it effortlessly portable. The internal LED lamp illuminates the interior, allowing you to view your items clearly, while the convenient vegetable chopping board provides a designated space for cutting vegetables. Plus, the detachable basket ensures hassle-free item storage. Additionally, the built-in battery box design allows for wireless usage, letting you bring your own battery along.

Safety and Stability:

Travel with peace of mind, as our portable fridge/freezer includes 120/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, facilitating seamless transitions between home and on-the-go use. The three-layer battery protection system ensures that the fridge won't deplete your power source. Moreover, its low noise operation ensures a peaceful night's sleep even after long journeys, and it remains stable even when tilted up to 45°.

Versatile and Portable:

Designed to fit perfectly in various settings, this 35L portable fridge/freezer is perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Its sturdy construction allows for worry-free usage on bumpy roads and inclines. Take it along for camping trips, fishing excursions, road trips, or any outdoor activity that requires reliable food storage.

Discover the ultimate solution for food preservation on the move with our efficient and feature-packed portable fridge/freezer. Get ready to redefine your travel experience with this indispensable companion!


    • LG Branded Premium Quality Compressor
    • Dual compartment unit with individual temperature controls 
    • Built-in battery included (up to 8 hours of operation)
    • Safe to operate on angles up to 45º.
    • Three levels of battery protection to reduce the chances of depleting your power source
    • Quiet operation with the sound level below 45dB
    • Includes built-in battery - approx. 8 hours of operation
    • Compatible with solar panel set-ups (panels not included)
    • Wire storage basket for easy storage and removal 
  • Each unit includes a 12V/24V DC vehicle outlet adapter and a 110-240V AC home outlet adapter and one battery


Power Supply 12/24DC,100-240VAC
Total Capacity

35L / 37 Quarts / 1.3 Cu. Ft.

Compartment 1: 10L / 0.4 Cu. Ft. 

Compartment 2: 25L / 0.9 Cu. Ft.

Fridge Dimensions

(L x W x H)

Net Weight 17.8 kg / 39.2 lbs
Gross Weight 18.8 kg / 41.4 lbs
-18°~20°C (.04~68°F)
Rated Current

DC 6.0A/3.0A

AC 1.5A-0.7A

Rated Power Input 90W
Noise Level <45dB


The Chilly Moose Portable Refrigerator & Freezer Bluetooth Application for temperature monitoring and control is available on your favourite app store. Click the icons below to download the app on your device.
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