Pharmacold S-90 Traciable Min Max Thermometer with Alarm

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Introducing the Pharmacold S-90 Traceable Min Max Thermometer with Alarm, the ultimate companion for precise temperature monitoring in both refrigerator and room environments. Featuring a large, easy-to-read LCD screen with dual temperature displays in Celsius and Fahrenheit, this thermometer ensures effortless monitoring at a glance. Its innovative temperature-buffered sensor, housed in a safe, non-toxic glycol solution, guarantees accurate readings unaffected by rapid temperature fluctuations—ideal for maintaining the integrity of sensitive laboratory samples or pharmaceuticals.

Equipped with high and low temperature alarms, the S-90 provides proactive alerts to potential temperature deviations, safeguarding stored contents with reliability. Easily adjustable alarm settings allow users to customize thresholds for their specific needs, while a visual low battery indicator ensures continuous operation. Compact yet robust, with a magnetic back for convenient placement on any metallic surface, this thermometer is designed to streamline temperature management in healthcare, laboratory, and residential settings alike. Trust Pharmacold S-90 for precision, reliability, and peace of mind in temperature monitoring.


  • 1-Year replacement against manufacture's defect
  • All warranties are effective from the date the unit is received.
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